Burner Fuel Handling & Quick Shutoff Valves

  • Category: Control Valves & Actuators
  • Make: Kuehme, Germany
  • Item: Burner Fuel Handing System.
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Product detail:

KÜHME GmbH is among the World’s leading manufacturers of safety shut-off valves, high performance Spl. valves and single plate gate valves (conduit gate valves). 1st Class quality & innovation has been the company’s motto ever since its foundation in 196. Its valves are known for their safety, high reliability and long service life used in Thermal & Nuclear Power, Oil & Gas-Metering Station, Refineries, Gas Compressor Station, Steel Industries & many more.
KÜHME pioneers in supplying Valves in Hydrogen application since 1973 with High performance sealing system & material resistance. Its solution provides uncompromising safety for Hydrogen application in Production Process as well as its consumption sided utilization in energy generation.