Expansion Joint Technology

Expansion Joint Technology - DEKOMTE de Temple

DEKOMTE de Temple offer innovative expansion joint solutions to enhance the business of our customers. Our quality of expansion joints ate the product of 40 years of experience and knowledge. We consider expansion joints to be an integral part of the duct compensation system, meaning our joints offer high reliability and a longer lifespan.

DEKOMTE expansion joint technology is typically applied in many industries, such as: Convenstional steam boilers, CCGT power plants, steel plants, oil and gas installations and more.

Expansion joints can be manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and dimensions in the following materials.

•    METALLIC - single layer & multi layer
•    PTFE


Engineering in the form of annual inspections or life time assessments can form a critical part of maintenance planning of a power plant or industrial manufacturing process.

Visual and thermo graphic inspections allow DEKOMTE to better understand the technical requirements and existing condition, allowing the development of a tailored long-term reliable solutions.
For more information about the technical specifications of the products, please visit DEKOMTE PRODUCT Page.
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