The dirty air pitot probe is utilized to measure air velocity, pressure, and temperature within aflow stream that is heavily laden with particulate. Compared to other pressure-type velocityprobes, the design of the dirty air pitot reduces the potential for pluggage of the pressure lines, asituation that will cause erroneous data. The probe is connected to a pressure gauge or electronicpressure transducer to measure the differential. A wind tunnel calibration is necessary in order todetermine the calibration coefficient to obtain the flow velocity. An integrated thermocouple isused to measure the flow temperature.

The dirty air pitot probe is generally used to measure theair or gas flow rate in pneumatic conveying systems. These may include piping or duct systems that transportcement, pulverized coal, lime, food products, or othersimilar dusts. The dirty air probe determines thevelocity of the transport flow and thus can provide thedata necessary to balance flows and avoid dust dropoutdue to low velocities. In addition, the air velocity isnecessary if isokinetic particulate sampling is desired(i.e., ISO 9931, ASME PTC 4.2, etc.).

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