The clean air pitot probe is utilized to measure air velocity, pressure, and temperature within aflow stream. It uses a standard S-Type pitot probe to measure velocity and is thus in compliancewith EPA Method 2 test procedures. The probe is connected to a pressure gauge or electronicpressure transducer to measure the differential. A wind tunnel calibration is necessary in order todetermine the calibration coefficient to obtain the flow velocity. An integrated thermocouple isused to measure the flow temperature.


The clean air probe velocity kit is focuused onmeasuring air flow in coal pipes or mill inletductwork. It is used to determine the isokineticparticulate sampling rate for the the ISO 9931and ASME PTC 4.2 test methods. ASE offersa different velocity measurement system (the3DDAS) for general purpose duct flowmeasurements such as stacks, windboxes, gasflues, fans, etc.


The clean air probe from Airflow SciencesEquipment, LLC (ASE) can bemanufactured to fit a variety of testingneeds. Typical features are listed below,though custom orders are available:

  • Probe body diameter – 1” [25mm]
  • Probe length – 12” to 96” [0.3 m to 3.8 m]
  • Thermocouple – K-type
  • Level indicator (to ensure proper alignment to the flow direction)
  • Material – 304 stainless steel
  • Calibration – At 10 velocities in the range25 ft/sec to 150 ft/sec [7.5 m/s to 45 m/s]
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