Air Flow GuardianTM

for Accurate Online Air Flow Measurement and Monitoring
Online plant control & performance optimization

 Real-time, online measurement of duct air flow rates.

 Monitoring of flow velocity, temperature and mass flow rate.

 Available for any shape ductwork (round, square, rectangular)

 System design incorporated CFD flow modelling to ensure optimal positioning of sensors.
“Airflow Guardian system consists of many configuration options like, local display of flow parameters, an output signal to a plant control system or DCS, manual or auto purging, temperature measurement, environmental control, etc.”
Probe sensors available

 ACCURA-FLOW averaging pitot probe for standard duct airflow measurement.

 Burner Pitot Probe (BPP) for individual burner flow measurement

 Dirty Air Pitot (DAP) to avoid pluggage in flows with high particulate measurement.

 Duct airfoils for large ducts and branching networks.

 Calibrated venturi for large ducts and pressure recovery.

NEM4/IEC IP66 painted aluminium or NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosures for corrosive environment
Air Flow Guardian  Product Catalogue
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