Industrial Valves

Servovalve Heavy Duty Pneumatic and Hydraulic Actuators
Since 1976 SERVOVALVE S.p.A. has designed and produced heavy duty pneumatic and hydraulic actuators for the most critical and complex industrial applications, becoming through the years a well known reliable and innovative independent supplier for the main worldwide valve manufacturers and Engineering Company.

Following the large experience on valve actuating systems and the deep knowledge of the most stringent international quality standards, production has been designed for the most arduous working conditions, providing actuators suitable to be installed in hostile and corrosive environmental and to withstand presence of high vibrations and severe service, saline atmosphere, high or low ambient temperatures and cryogenic service.

Servovalve fluid power actuators have been provided for various critical services for conventional, geothermal and nuclear power plants, offshore platforms and onshore oil&gas fields, refineries and desalination plants, LNG plants and FPSO applications all over the world.
Servovalve  General Product Catalogue.
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